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group of chrisland high-school school students

Since 2023


Digital Publication, Content Architecture, Content Migration, Website Design, Website Development

Chrisland Schools, a leading private educational institution in Nigeria, is committed to empowering students with quality education and fostering holistic development. With over 14 school locations and a wide range of educational offerings from crèche to sixth form school, Chrisland Schools plays a pivotal role in shaping future leaders of Nigeria.

In collaboration with 733, Chrisland Schools is undergoing a transformative journey to revamp their website, presenting a transparent and engaging platform that reflects their core values and enhances their brand positioning.

close shot image of chrisland schools' website on iPad view

Visitors can view all addresses of each school unit along with their directly linked phone numbers.

Chrisland School website page on iPad view

The new website brings Chrisland Schools' philosophy to life with effective copy and communication. 

Our Approach

The Chrisland Schools website project provided a multitude of opportunities to enhance the user experience and create a compelling brand narrative. Our approach commenced with a thorough consultation, understanding the motivations and values of various stakeholders. Utilising these insights, we crafted user journeys resulting in a streamlined navigation structure with immersive content, leading to strategic calls to action.


As an internationally vibrant and established brand, we amplified Chrisland School's digital assets to make a bold statement, ensuring accessibility compliance. Embracing copywriting storytelling as a core pillar of content architecture, we immersed visitors in the school's stories through captivating copy and photography. This emotionally connects new and current parents, driving an increase in admission applications and school interest.


Lastly, we restructured dynamic content to align with Chrisland Schools' core values, including Excellence, Discipline, Love, Integrity, and Professionalism.

multiple chrisland schools web pages

The Weebly website was built using custom 'Chrisland Builder' and modules to display content consistently across the website.

images of chrisland schools brochure

The School's e-brochure was designed in A4 paper size for comfortable viewing across devices.

"The Chrisland brand places a high premium on excellence and professionalism. These, among others, were what was envisioned while updating the school website.​ Without a doubt, 733Designs brought these core values and expertise to bear, giving the portal a new, vibrant and exciting look.​ The pages are more functional, interactive and dynamic with innovative and creative content.​ This fantastic contribution and highly commendable job on our website has continued to elicit positive responses from all stakeholders."

Mrs Bunmi Oyedemi, Chrisland Schools, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications

mobile view of chrisland schools' website

All Aspects Considered

The new Weebly website provides Chrisland Schools with a scaleable drag-and-drop page builder, making editing pages efficient and straightforward. A custom toolbox of content modules, including effective ways to display dynamic content, creates a platform for Chrisland Schools to keep their website organised and positioned for growth. The website also integrates with Scribd document display, producing a seamless experience for visitors wanting to view policies and information about the institution.

tablet and mobile view of chrisland schools' website

From Empathy to Impact

Since its launch, the Chrisland Schools' website has engaged current and new parents in Nigeria to discover more about the institution. 


Seven new website pages for quality information architecture and seamless user journeys. 


Two hundred downloads of Chrisland Schools' E-brochure in one month.


Three new News post types were introduced, allowing Chrisland Schools to organise dynamic content more effectively.


Thank you Chrisland Schools.

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