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Photo of holy trinity hospital building

Local SEO Success for Holy Trinity Hospital

The hospital is a medium-sized healthcare facility in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, and wanted to increase its local presence and attract more patients from nearby areas. Their goal was to achieve a 100% increase in online visibility within six months through an effective Local SEO strategy.


Since November 2022


SEO Implementation

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SEO Analysis

To accomplish this, we utilised the fundamental tools in our SEO arsenal: Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console.


Breaking it down, our primary findings were as follows:


  • We identified multiple 404 errors.

  • Page Speed was alarmingly slow at 23.

  • There were limited backlinks.

  • Local citations were lacking.

  • Duplicate content issues surfaced.

  • On-site optimization needed improvement, particularly regarding multiple h1 tags.

  • Competitiveness in terms of targeted keywords was low.


Once we had a clear understanding of the challenges at hand, we embarked on comprehensive keyword research to determine the most effective SEO strategy. Our objective was clear: Achieve page-one rankings for two specific niche local keywords relevant to the hospital.

Our Solution

Our strategy was divided into three key action items, each of which we will elaborate on:


  • Enhancing Onsite Optimization and Addressing Technical Issues

  • Strengthening the Backlink Profile and Enhancing Local Citations

  • Enhancing Content Quality and Implementing Structural Changes

We took the initiative to optimize their fundamental headings and title tags, along with crafting improved meta descriptions. Subsequently, our focus shifted to restructuring the website for better comprehension by search engine bots, achieved by incorporating contextual links. Addressing technical aspects, we tackled a critical ranking challenge - page speed. Through collaboration with our development team, we successfully optimised the page speed. We eliminated redundant plugins that had been impacting the page speed and implemented caching mechanisms.

Examples of good and bad title tag and H1
Before and after results of a site speed of an optimised website

The second component of our strategy garners significant attention in the SEO realm: link building. Our initial step involved a thorough evaluation of the existing link profile. This examination aimed to discern the authenticity of backlinks and their impact on our client's website authority. Key factors under scrutiny included:


  • Social Metric Distributions

  • Page Rank Distribution

  • Assessing the traffic to backlink domains


In the case of this client, it was essential to identify and remove/disavow links that were detrimental to the website's health. After this cleanup process, we embarked on a guest posting initiative, a well-established approach to link building. Given our hospital client's status as an industry expert, their insights and expertise carried substantial value, making them suitable for sharing.

Results of SEO implementation

"733Designs provided us with the right tactic to achieve our objective. Our goal was to have our website really work for us, and with their help, it became a reality.​ Juwon and his team were very professional, very helpful, and friendly."

Ms Toyin Awosika, Holy Trinity Hospital, Director

Result: Increase in Foot-Traffic

By focusing on a well-rounded Local SEO strategy that optimized the hospital's online presence and engaged the local community, Holy Trinity Hospital successfully achieved its goal of a 100% increase in online visibility within four months. This not only attracted more patients but also helped re-establish the hospital as a trusted healthcare provider in the local area.

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