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Publications That Truly Represent Your Company

Showcase achievements and impact effectively.

Annual Reports & Publications

An annual report and publication offer your organisation the opportunity to showcase significant achievements, activities, and valuable insights gained throughout the year, all while promoting transparency and financial accountability. By transforming data, key messages, and impact stories into a visually compelling and easily comprehensible experience, your organisation can captivate both new and existing clients, fostering trust and credibility.


Whether in printed form, an accessible PDF, or an immersive microsite, each format, with the perfect blend of content, media, and design, invites your audiences to explore a captivating snapshot of your work, strengthening connections with your community.

733's Annual Report Process

The 733 team takes you through the process of crafting impactful reports. We ensure meticulously organised layouts to enhance your viewer's experience.


Embarking on the journey, we engage your team to understand your design vision, content needs, themes, and report format. An interactive visual direction activity refines your unique design aesthetic, ensuring alignment with brand guidelines.

Content Development

With the approved concept in hand, your company provides the report's content, including images or videos you wish to showcase.


Excitement builds as we meticulously organise your content into captivating page layouts. Carefully arranging copy, letterheads, media, icons, and data visualisations, we create a compelling showcase of your impact and financial data, striking the perfect balance.

Feedback & Refinement

Your feedback drives the refinement process, allowing multiple opportunities to shape the report to perfection. For print reports, we assist in liaising with a printing partner, while digital PDFs or microsites undergo thorough accessibility testing and QA. And with that, your report is ready to share your impact with the world!

Create Your Publications With 733


  • Discovery activities​

  • Report concept

  • Content

  • Layout

  • Custom icons and visualisations

  • Print ready files

  • Print assistance

  • PDF files

  • Social media graphics


  • Development: 4 - 8 weeks

  • Collateral creation: as needed

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